Design and Buy Your R.I.P Shirts is a custom tshirt website that specializes in photo tshirts and more
specifically r.i.p shirts. The site allows users the option of designing their own shirt or have the company design the shirt for them. The company was started in 2000 by Todd Smedley in dayton, ohio. he owned another company and started making tshirts for his first business. Soon after a customer for his first business wanted shirts made for a funeral. the client wanted 100 picture tshirts made to honor her son who was born on the 4th of july and also passed away on the 4th of july. after making a this order Smed realized that this would be a nice service to provide for people who wanted shirts of this nature. Tshirt Kings is a company whose belief is do more than what is expected. Smed says his belief system is go the extra mile. Go above and beyond and that is the true way to elevate in all aspects of life. creates unique artwork for customers shirts and jackets that are timeless. it gives the customer the opportunity to express themselves without saying a word. as the old saying goes…. a picture is worth 1000 words. Many people want to get picture shirts made but they have no idea how creative they can be. this is why has taking photo tshirts to a level where they have no competition. let’s take rest in peace shirts for example. when someone passes away… the emotions of the situation is overwhelming and the loved ones who are left behind want to remember the good times they have with their friend or family member. so they begin to look at pictures they’ve taken…. and the memories start to roll. takes those memories and captures a snapshot and puts it on your garment for the world to see. it’s always a expression of love and tenderness. taking the good from the one who passed and focusing only on the good things. it’s kind of sad that we wait until people die to focus on the Good things they do or did but that’s what photo tshirts
and r.i.p shirts do. A few things that separate from other shirt making site.
1. Our designs are elaborate and each 1 is made different and custom. No templates which makes each shirt different unless shirts are being done within the same family structure.
2. we make shirts the day we get the order and get them shipped right away
3. you don’t talk to robots when you call us
4. our creativity is unmatched by our competitors
5. we have a real store front retail business so we work with people everyday, therefore we understand what customers want.
6. the drive to not be second to anyone.
7. we love our jobs at . it is a challenge for every employee at tshirt
kings to make the best shirt ever. every time the start a new design. A competition among the employee on who comes up with the best artwork… and bonuses are given for most creative artwork. invites all to come to the site and see examples of our work. see our customers and let us design something special for you.
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